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Teach air conditioning installation you will see common sense

Air conditioning is a special appliances, air-conditioning after they leave the qualified air conditioning installation is also an indispensable part of air conditioning products. Consumers in the purchase of high quality air conditioning at the same time, also like to choose a good installation service retailers, in order to really ensure the normal use of air conditioning in later life.
check whether the air conditioner is mounted, it can be done by following points:
1. Prior knowledge of what you buy air conditioning retailer or store installation performance pledges and service standards. Such as telephone appointment in place of time is 24 hours or 48 hours, has no written rules on Installer service. To check if the retailer's installation service users can have their say as well.
2. Understanding requirements for factory installation process. Each factory installation process generally has unwritten rules, consumers can refer to check whether the person who installed according to the requirements.
3. Choose the best location to install indoor unit

General requirements for horizontal installation installation location in a smooth, solid walls, its intake and outlet is kept open, from the TV set at least a metre or more in order to avoid mutual interference and away from the heat source, flammable gas. Air conditioning not to go near high-frequency equipment, high power radio places so as not to interfere with normal operation of the air conditioning, ends and the top should be left to ensure that obstacles and spaces to meet the requirements of, in a well ventilated location, easy draining, avoid installation near the door, put in place that can reduce noise.
outdoor machine of installation location
to level installation in smooth, and substantial of wall or rooftop, and balcony Shang, its intake mouth and outlet mouth keep unobstructed, avoid Sun straight Sun, as has necessary distribution Shang shade Board, but cannot hamper air circulation, discharge of hot air and issued of noise cannot effect neighbors households, don't put in has Gale and dust at, don't near heat and vulnerable gas source at, cannot effect pedestrian walking. In order to keep the air flowing, outside the machine should have a certain space around. Heating and cooling air conditioner outdoor unit to choose not to have northwest wind blew into place, ensure that space with obstacles met the requirements.
connection installation of the wall-mounted no more than 5 meters, split less than four-door try not to exceed 10 m, about five horses split door-not more than 15 metres, indoor unit outdoor unit is lower than the height difference less than 5 meters, there can be folded flat. Selects the high quality and the connecting pipe, drainage pipe and drainage hose must be down, if export is bent or up to the drainage, the indoor unit leaking will occur. Electric power load when construction is not sufficient, to set up a dedicated line, and confirm that the power supply voltage, if does not have a dedicated line, will have a trip and so on. If you add more than specified voltage protection circuit will start work, air conditioner will not be used. BACK

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