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Start spring appliance service plan

Air conditioning "black hole" will cause the air conditioner leaks, poor noise insulation effect and affect the appearance and other hazards. Deal will not affect the use of air conditioning in the summer. Recently, this reporter learned from the suning appliance, suning air conditioning "black hole" censuses, household appliances free testing and maintenance, air conditioning moves prices slashed, bringing home appliance service, a series of activities have already begun, appliance service and maintenance in the spring was the best of times.
it is reported that the fill hole of air conditioning materials currently on the market have PuTTY, PuTTY, gypsum powder and polyurethane foam sealant (blowing agent), clay, gypsum powder, PuTTY in appearance, waterproof effect, a long period of time that is prone to air conditioning installation "black hole".
the existence of black holes, very easily lead to leakage of air conditioning, resulting in cracks, floor rot and other hazards, and the appearance of noise insulation, wall has a certain impact. Suning homeopathy start air conditioning "black hole" screening programme that is free to consumers in the SUNY new air conditioning new foaming agent (MIF) with the ring gaskets pipe hole, the material good waterproofing, crack, pest control, heat insulation, sound insulation and other functions, would essentially ensure consumers security hole in air conditioner at home. Air conditioning in which Su Ning users and non-Su Ning user can discount the price to replace air conditioning consumption of this new type of wall material, the relevant person in charge of the suning, the annual spring, are an important period of the appliance maintenance, air conditioning products is about to usher in the use of the peak, spring testing and maintenance is directly related to the people's physical and mental health. Face many problems, suning air conditioning in addition to "black hole" Troubleshooting activities, also synchronized the appliance free testing and maintenance services in the town, as a public safety measure, check fill the hole in the wall, cleaning rollers, cleaning evaporator, cover, cover maintenance, pipeline dressing service for air conditioning. BACK

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