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Inadequate air conditioning heating air conditioning repair judgment failures

Air conditioning heating heating shortage in winter, this air conditioning repair need to determine is the environmental impact or the malfunction of the air conditioner itself. How to judge the lack of air conditioning heating breakdowns? Let through a simple analysis, you can bring convenience for air conditioning repair or maintenance personnel to prevent unprofessional by some cheat.
If you find that normal refrigeration air conditioning in summer, heating failure in the winter, when insufficient air conditioning heating, whether air conditioning broken, what causes inadequate heating, we can use the following tests to determine the causes of insufficient air conditioning heating:
1. improper use of air conditioning heating.
whether the heat is turned up too high temperature and actual air conditioning heating operation cannot be achieved, or tone of the low temperature heating could not be achieved. Air conditioning blowing foreign objects blocking air conditioning blowing machine inside and outside can be surprise inspections. It was found that dust is too thick, it should be carried out cleaning work. Clean air conditioning filters don't use irritating cleaning agents. Meanwhile, capable, then you can check the air conditioning evaporator, condensers, dust is too thick, it also reduces heat effects, resulting in reduced heating capacity, power consumption increased hole in air conditioning room door, is not blocked, or Windows that open the door often caused by indoor heat loss.
air conditioning thermal environment factor has been introduced many times, air conditioning system, heat is not suitable for all temperature, when the outside temperature is too low the cases, air conditioning not work heating, natural to think that the lack of heat. In the colder winter heating effect is not ideal, this is normal. For no automatically except cream of hot pump type air conditioner, it using of minimum environment temperature is lingshang5℃, below this temperature on not business hot or effect is poor, this is because external heat exchanger Shang product cream blocked has air flow, cannot again from outside inhalation heat of sake; for has automatically except cream of hot pump type air conditioner, it using of minimum environment temperature is-5 ℃, below this temperature also cannot effective business hot. Check the ambient temperature of air conditioning can also determine whether inadequate heating air conditioning failure.
3. air conditioning control system fault
hot pump type air conditioning in business hot state Shi of evaporator is located in outdoor unit within, for used hot rushed cream of cream device of hot pump type air conditioning, if of cream control device failure, makes air conditioning cannot timely into of cream run State, is will appeared hot pump business hot Shi evaporator knot cream phenomenon, effect air conditioning business hot of hot Exchange efficiency, led to business heat insufficient, and even downtime. So you can check to see if the defrosting control failure. In addition, the lack of refrigerant, is the popular saying of fluoride deficiency. Cooling system leaks, causes of refrigerant insufficient thermal cycle, resulting in decreased heat exchange efficiency, resulting in lack of heating. There may also be other air conditioning failure, including auxiliary electric heating failed problem, air conditioning heating system delivery is flat, four-way valve series of problems such as gas air conditioning heating problems. But these should be left to a professional repair staff to carry out special checks, the user can simply determine whether air conditioning problems then.
in case of insufficient air conditioning heating and air conditioning failure cannot be ruled out after using the above methods, you should contact a professional repair person to come into inspection and maintenance. BACK

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