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Five major home appliances such as air conditioning must be regularly cleaned

Air conditioning: filter every month to clean the
cleaning, air conditioning in most of us tend to focus only on the surface of clean up, and ignore the clean air conditioning filter. Respiratory-related experts, to clean the air filter periodically, it is best to clean once a month. Because the air conditioning filters if not long-term cleanup will breed bacteria, use may lead to respiratory disease. If you are unable to clean the air filter regularly, at least in the winter and summer to take a shower before using, let it work.
Tools: brush, vacuum cleaner, disinfectant, old toothbrush
time: 40-50 minute
method: remove the air filter, if more dust, but most use a vacuum cleaner to the dust, if less dust, with a brush to dust it. Air conditioning filter located in the diluted disinfectant, for 10-15 minutes, soak, whole mesh surface with a toothbrush to brush again, then remove the strainer, dried, and finally installed on your air conditioning.
reporter experience: demolition and cleaning Shi are cannot too forced, or easy put air conditioning filter network broken; if no enough big of container, can put air conditioning filter network put to pool or bathtub soaking, and clean; air conditioning filter network don't in Sun Xia exposure, so as not to effect its flexible degrees; installation filter network Qian, can spray some himself like of perfume to filter online, using Shi, air conditioning on will blow out Yi people of fragrance.
refrigerator: using tools not to hurt
skid and seal can easily be contaminated, is the largest health refrigerator clean corners. If you want to thoroughly clean the refrigerator, be sure to deep inside, a good clean cleaning slip and seals.
Tools: steel balls, disinfectant and detergent
time: 30 minutes
methods: anti-skid Strip – remove the slip, clean skid, and their contact with the diaphragm edge. Seal – can be wiped with a rag
stains, and then with a cloth dipped in diluted disinfectant wipe it again as a whole, achieve the purpose of sterilization. Finally, overall clean other parts of the refrigerator.
journalist experience: slip is not easy to clean up, especially within non-slip here gave you a recruit-a-balls drawn wire, then plug it to slip inside again and pull, you can clean up the stains. However, when you use this method, be careful not to be hurt steel ball.
washing machine: decontamination and disinfection are the key
washing machine itself is a decontamination of tools--dirty clothes inside, clean clothes, but to know that not all of the stains and bacteria will be emitted with the sewage, washing machine still remain many stains and bacteria, so washing machines had never been cleaned to pay attention to.
tool: disinfection liquid, and toothbrush
available: 45 minutes around
method: first in washing machine within into amount water, will disinfection liquid by proportion (reference disinfection liquid description) pour washing machine in the, soaking, and boot running number times, then will water discharge, last again with toothbrush will drainage mouth around and debris export at (only drum washing machine has) of stains brush clean.
journalist experience: simple and easy to operate, and obviously, washing machine will emit a lot of sewage after disinfection, and manually select the soak and wash, skip the rinsing and dehydration, so as not to reduce the concentration of the disinfectant, influencing disinfection.
water dispenser: aspects
most people don't regularly clean to wash domestic drinking habits, health and safety of drinking water is difficult to ensure, may wish to take advantage of 51 is also home for the water to bathe.
tool: water machine dedicated cleaning liquid, and clean of toothbrush, and empty of water machine dedicated bucket, and two article plastic hose
available: 20 minutes around
method: with teeth brush to water machine Li sink and water mouth Shang of stains, removed water machine Shang of bucket, pour a quantitative of dedicated cleaning liquid to water machine in, static reset 10-15 minutes, then will empty barrels irrigation full water, again open water machine cold, and hot two a leading water, until bucket within of water was all row light, If necessary repeatedly for several times.
reporter experience: whole operation process may wish to in toilet or kitchen in the for, so as not to drainage Shi flow splash, also can with two root plastic hose respectively received in cold, and hot two a out taps Shang, put to emissions of water Import pool or bathtub in the, such on without worried splash water of problem has; available food vinegar blending some pure water for heating, emissions out, last again with qingshuiqing wash clean, can up to disinfection sterilization of role.
lamps: clean bright
feel the room lights after dark? Maybe the shade to blame, because inside the shade is most likely to accumulate dust, clean it quickly.
Tools: detergent, wet wipes, brush
time: 10 minutes
: shade removed from dust with the brush, then wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth dipped in dishwashing again.

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