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Cleaning before use air conditioning in spring and summer note

Spring and summer has arrived, both use air conditioning removing humidity in spring and in the summer to cool, before using the air conditioner cleaning work we cannot save. Here is a look at the warranty provides what work needs to be done before the use of air conditioning:
air conditioning cleaning before use:
1. open air conditioning outside unit, check for obstructions, heavy dust, etc. Should only make use of air conditioning, dust clean out obstructions preparations.
2. check the AC power line is safety, excluding power supply security risks.
3. air conditioner indoor unit, remove the filter for cleaning. See if dust and odor, and should only be cleaned with warm water and air dry.
before using the air conditioner to clean the filter?
dust, hair, debris and other traps, adhesive heat exchangers finned surface, filters, and air links in the relevant part, wet conditions in the spring can lead to oxidation of heat exchanger fin and accumulated thickened. If you directly use dehumidifiers air conditioning or refrigeration, this will cause the air conditioner to reduce the conduction efficiency of heat exchangers, increases air resistance and friction, increasing the work load at the same time, electricity consumed precious resources, less efficient use of products. While the dust is transported by air to the wind to every corner of the room, a threat to human health, prone to causing.
How to clean air conditioner filters? When cleaning air filter
, first cut off the power, open the Panel, take out the filter. After dusting brush vacuum filters, and then washed with water. When dirty oil, detergents or mild soap and water to clean, rinse with water and dry up. Should be noted that must not be more than 40 ℃ hot water wash. Cannot use washing powder, detergent, gasoline, bananas, water, cleaning, avoid mesh deformation. In addition, rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth or a cool, dry, and never to the Sun or oven drying by the Fire Department to prevent mesh deformation directly in a cool place to dry. BACK

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