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Service process
FAX: 0571-8260101
Service process
first step
service calls
our services throughout the entire Shanghai, have outlets in all areas, within the outer ring the door 30 yuan, 50 Yuan outside the outer ring, which is a great convenience for customers, so when your appliance has failed, please don't bother, You just need to call our 24-hour service hotline at 0571-8260101 and we will immediately eliminate your problems!
repair electrical
Description electrical fault, so that we can send the appropriate maintenance technician for troubleshooting problems. You only need to describe electrical type, brand, model, symptom, as well as your contact information and address, if left the route, we will be able to provide faster and more convenient door-to-door service.
reservation services
according to your time we arrange appropriate on-site service hours.
fourth step

about home services will comply with the door-to-door service time, arrive at the specified location.
fifth step
power on test in the case of power, we will first test the electrical fault, for symptomatic troubleshooting.
sixth step
maintenance technician check testing and troubleshooting, check out the electrical fault.
seventh step

requirements for forecasting prior to troubleshooting technicians will report the cause and offer maintenance requirements, so that you can be aware of.
eighth step
seriously if you agree that the service requirements, we will repair it for you as soon as the machine until fault remove.
after customer acceptance
boot in troubleshooting, please power on acceptance, until you feel satisfied.
tenth step
fill warranty documents
to solve your worries, we will leave service documents, indicated above, the results of failure, repair, maintenance, warranty period, our company service telephones and telephone complaints.
11th step
cleaning maintenance
service at this point is not over, we will clean up the crime scene, as maintenance of waste, reduction for maintenance before moving items.
12th step
end service
thank you for your support of our service! If you have a need, we will continue to provide you with a satisfactory service.

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