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Hangzhou as home appliances maintenance center, company since 2004 established yilai, tightly around "professional" of service standard, to "I heart, you assured" of service spirit promote enterprise development grow to "integrity pragmatic" of service concept win take market and returns social, makes enterprise in competition exception fierce of appliances market in the continuous years sound development, made has good of economic and social benefits.
five years of rapid development, Hangzhou as home appliances maintenance center performance striking: from a had only a home stores of small servicers, Hangzhou as home appliances maintenance, and Hangzhou appliances maintenance, and Hangzhou electrical maintenance, and Hangzhou appliances door maintenance, and Hangzhou appliances maintenance phone, and Hangzhou air conditioning maintenance, and Hangzhou TV maintenance, and Hangzhou washing machine maintenance, and Hangzhou refrigerator maintenance, and Hangzhou air conditioning moved machine, and Hangzhou water heater maintenance, and Hangzhou gas maintenance, and Range hood repair jumped into Hangzhou Hangzhou City, today covers the entire districts and service base. Employees over more than 50 more than people, and imports, and domestic plasma, and back voted high-end maintenance technicians more than 20 more than people; has air conditioning, and refrigerator, and large cold storage, refrigeration professional technicians more than 20 more than people; has headquarters group customer service center 0571-8260101, professional customer service personnel more than 10 more than; professional of maintenance equipment, and high-end, and excellent of technology, and good of service image, created has Hangzhou as home appliances maintenance center in Hangzhou City the big chain appliances Servicers stability home first bit of good trend.
repair technology: has many specialized technicians, has been awarded national accreditation issued by the national book, with high-end technical, each brand has its own professional maintenance department and technicians; professional, high-end technology leader.
service concept: home appliance repair center in Hangzhou technology-link, service concept for flags in order (on behalf of the interests of consumers, representing the business interests, represent the interests of employees, and) for the soul of the culture model of appliance repair company, establish a brand appliance repair service lead position in Hangzhou, was heralded by the appliance service sector " Leading representative of 21st century appliance service ".
service innovation: on January 1, 2005, Hangzhou home appliance repair center in the industry prior to the introduction, free checks, quotes, service, does not repair does not charge any fees, and other preferential policies, complete eradication of the consumer's worries, cleared the free edge of the industry "screwdriver plants" to protect the interests of consumers, Also give enough consumers maximum choice! truly customer is the God.
management innovation: Hangzhou home appliance repair center with specialized information management system, professional repair technicians on call, customer service phone manned 24 hours, carefully listening to every customer, providing customers with the best, most efficient service assured! As long as you are a phone call, the rest of the things I do for you! Service technicians to ride door-to-door service on time, and has a follow-up visit service! To guarantee the perfect service to customers throughout! As long as the customer a phone call comes in, information system will automatically display the customer's maintenance records, avoiding the client credentials not found for maintenance and warranty problems!
the years, home Inns-Hangzhou Hangzhou City appliance repair, appliance repair center and laid position as a market leader, home appliance repair center in Hangzhou repair brand enjoy popular support, and "my heart, don't worry" and "quality selection" Hangzhou "," civilized unit of Hangzhou "and other honors. By the State administration for industry and Commerce jointly awarded "Hangzhou service advanced group" title, is the only company to receive this honor of appliance repair industry enterprises. To enhance the home appliance repair center in Hangzhou Hangzhou market competitiveness and maintain "Hangzhou electric" brand image, in March 2005, Hangzhou home appliance repair center successfully adding the Xujiahui, PuTuo district, Jing an district, Yangpu District 4 maintenance divisions to more convenient services to our consumers. October 1, 2007, Hangzhou appliance repair center successfully established service providers stores, Pudong new area, is equipped with many English people with high academic qualifications, professional level of customer service, to meet the 2010 World Expo held successfully, prepared by external consumers, so as to contribute to China's good service level better serve the peoples of the world.

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